Welcome to Festa

We are a bunch of individuals from various backgrounds with one common trait - our obsession for food and a passion to create a community of food lovers!

We want to disrupt the dining industry and feel we have a great offering. We believe every dish has a story and every chef is a creator. Each meal we are part of, is about creating a memory hence, it needs to be special.

The idea of Festa came about to give diners a platform, where they can discover, book and enjoy unique experiences and in the process, turn the limelight towards the chef who is the star of any culinary journey.

What we are out to achieve?

We created Festa, a curated platform for experiential dining. We didn’t stop at that, instead addressed some of the major problems facing the industry today, namely ‘no shows’, resulting in revenue loss and ‘food wastage’.

Festa aims to be available globally if we are not in your city yet be sure we will be there soon!




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